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  Welcome on the actual Go Free Syria!  
  This blog is intended to document events that occur in Syria & the Levant - discussions & opinions - we have no regime what to think - but its not to encourage violence - thank you

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1. - Topic is Syria. Not Moonlanding or The Matrix.  
2. - 這是難讀嗎? 因此,讓我們用英文寫!
3. - No explicit lyrics please. Our kids can read.  
4. - Spam on your own website. We will help you.  
5.a - Personal attacks could harm your »Post« button. 
5.b - NO JOKES on religions - only on sects and preachers of hate  
5.c - Mocking and Scornful and Racist Terms is seen as Insult  
5.d - think before post a sketch about persons of public interest - could be deleted  
6. - »All human beings are born free and equal ...«  
7. - Expect the moderators. Respect the moderators.  

 AND where is GFS - We are in a warzone
The Geneva Convention defines legitimate military targets as objects "which by their nature, location, purpose or use make an effective contribution to military action and whose total or partial destruction, capture or neutralisation, in the circumstances ruling at the time, offers a definite military advantage"

GFS - the forum for #Free #Syria will not cheer any car/dirty bomb - no - never
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Friends let us think about a few things 

1st - we are in use of "OT" for Off Topic - should we use "OP" for opinion 

2nd - we see that some users/friends are  unpleasantly affected by the way other user/friends express themselves - can we be careful to express our view in a way it fits to an international blog

3rd - will we follow some journalistic basics - today we see a lot of biased "reports" in many media while on the other hand we see general "Journo-Bashing" at the same time - so what do i mean 

- reporting what we find what "ppl" say, report etc out there should be posted here if its clear who gives the view 







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